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Re: The renting vs buying discussion

Buying instead of renting just keeps looking better, every day.


"This means we might see a spring season better than the numbers are predicting," Brinkmann said at the MBA's mortgage servicing conference in Orlando, Fla. The trade group forecasts 4.39 million single-family homes sold in the second quarter, already an increase from the seasonally adjusted 4.17 million a year earlier.

Many Americans ran to rentals during the worst of the housing crisis, pushing homeownership to a 14-year low, and more tenants elected to stay put."


"The question is not how did (homeownership) fall, but how it got so high in the first place," Brinkmann said."


Now that the smoke & mirror qualifying of the mid 2000's have disappeared, things are getting back to normalcy, and parity.

All this, of course, is merely MY opinion. Thanks for reading.

Bob Phillips - Realty ONE Group - South Orange County, CA