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Re: 1st Time Buyers Treated Unfairly
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i am cash investor and let me give u the view from the other side of the fence

imagine if you were seller, do u want to deal with:

1. loan that fell through due to:appraisal, lost job etc

2. 'i found better deal' buyer that suddently back out by making up any reasons

3. 'i can squeeze more dollars by trying to point out bunch of other problems while my offer has been accepted' buyer

4. 60 day uncertain window 'lets hope this buyer doesnt back out' feeling, before it is closed


OR do u want:

1. Fast 10 day closing, no inspection, no appraisal, no 'please credit me back', no 'opps i found better deal so i cancel', no drama just cold hard cash

2. Ok i have to reduce 10-20k but in this economy, I will take 10-20k less price for certainty!


For me, if I were a seller, it would be no contest unless the offer is 30k or more.


Dont be mad, its called free market