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Dakota Crossing

Has anyone who purchased at Villages of Dakota Crossing share their buying experience.  I am waiting to purchase and wondering since its new construction how much negotiating room do you have.  I know the existing units in the original Dakota Crossing are going for 350K to 440K so not sure how their pricing is justifiable.  What successes did you have on getting a good price?

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Re: Dakota Crossing

I am in a process of buying. It is a nightmare! I made a mistake of going to their open house without an agent, and they won't allow to bring in a realtor, if he wasn't with you on your first visit. Sales office there is worse than a used car dealers, lying on every word, playing mind games, and do everything they can to pressure you into financing with there own lender under much higher rates then everywhere else. What ever you do, don't sign anything with them without a good realtor's advise, and have your realtor watch their every move. Same goes for construction work, they are rushing to push your house out for closing and promise to fix things after you close. Without a realtor it is impossible to know how to deal with that. I placed several complaints with FTC and BBB. But have not heard back yet.