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Bathroom remodel

Considering a bathroom remodel for resale.  For master bathroom, do most prefer a double shower with no bathtub (there is a bathtub elsewhere in the house) or a bathtub and narrow stall shower?


Also, how important is double sinks in a master bath?



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Re: Bathroom remodel

I'm not sure a bathroom remodel will pay off in resale.  What does your agent say?  Sometimes its easy to go crazy getting the house ready for sale.  I've certainly done it a time or two.  If you don't have an agent interview them by asking what they think should be done (don't mention any remodel) to make the house look great.  


Personally unless its a spa tub and even then I would prefer a shower over tub.  A regular size tub and a small shower is weird.  And the 1990's is calling and want their master baths with the separate shower and bath back. I'd take a huge shower.  


I'm me and there are other potential buyers who would think differently.  I hate just remodeled homes because I'm stuck with someones else's vision.  I hate to waste.  I lived with horrible new cheap carpeting for years because it was new.  I know I'm weird so take it with a grain of salt. 

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Re: Bathroom remodel

Hi RobertB,


Another way to determine what buyers are looking for would be to look through the photos of listings that are similar to your home, or check out open houses in your neighborhood.  See what else is out there, so you can have a sense of what potential buyers are used to seeing when it's time for you to list your home.  That might help you decide if you want to spend the money to make your bathroom renovation stand out among the rest, or if you would rather do something that gets your bathroom up to par with what other listings have.


Thanks again,


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Re: Bathroom remodel

I would do the tub and shower in Master bath. Also, double sinks are very important. 

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bathroom remodel sacramento

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I will recommend you to have double sinks in a master bathroom. I do have double sinks in my master bathroom and these are very useful for me.

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Re: bathroom remodel sacramento

Definitely double sinks. I would lean towards the oversized shower and no tub but would need a bit more infor on the exact size of the space and the real options in terms of shower stall and tub sizes.

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Re: bathroom remodel sacramento

This is all kind of old, but any master bath should have a decent shower area with a seat area in it so that there is a place for the ladies to sit and handle any shaving duties.  For older people this may help as well if they have problems standing for long periods of time.  It also gives a place for all the 'stuff' that ends up in showers.


We have both a whirlpool tub and a shower, and our tub maybe gets used ten times a year, mostly by the kids playing in the oversized tub.  But our shower sees multiple daily usage.


The double sinks is a real requirement these days as well.


Far to many homes we've walked into during our home search had huge master bedrooms and dinky master bathrooms.  Since we mainly sleep in our bedroom, we just needed enough room for our bed and dressers.  We kept running into larger rooms, with smaller bathrooms and somtimes smaller closets!  Good closets, good bathrooms, smaller bedroom if necessary.  Still enough for our bed, but not so much that there is a lot of wasted space.

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Re: Bathroom remodel

I think a tub and shower is useless unless it's a whirlpool tub. I'd prefer a larger shower, double sink with plenty of counter space. In fact, I would take a single sink with lots of counter space vs a double will no counter space. Also, storage is a must! And don't put in the new fancy sinks that are bowls that sit on top of the counter. Lots of dead space.