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Re: Selling or Renting?

The real estate market still haven't recover back. Best is keep at this moment if you do not need cash urgently!!!

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Re: Selling or Renting?

MarcusFlorence wrote:

Long term, house prices must rise with inflation. It is a mathematical truism.

it is anything but a "mathematical truism", what're your math credentials?


however, long term prices used to rise with inlfation, however it has not been true for last decade when prices rose 5-10 times more over inflation rate, thus it could be a while till historic inflation/RE prices curves meet again to satisfy averages over last 50 years.


that said, recent RE "price stabilization" is mostly monetized by Fed and as such have potential to unleash inflation once markets feel safe footing and diverst from US debt or be ondone by Fed to prevent the inflation (unlikely with current Fed voting members). Both cases are not good from RE prices/inflation curse parity point of view.

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Re: Selling or Renting?

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According to me renting is more prefferable than selling, now a days people are preffer renting pproperty , and i think it is more profitable.  As per my ciew if any one want to renting or selling they should be concern real estate agent.




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Re: Selling or Renting?

Renting your property would be much better because (1) you can earn money from your own property (2) you can save your property once the housing price increases in the market. Just think of how hard it is to live nowadays. Having 3 apartments is a great advantage. Use that advantage.