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buying short sell with Seller's agent?

A friend has been looking in the market to buy a SFH for some time, and has a buyer's agent already.  The apartement condo where she is living at is currently put up for a short sell,  and she is interested in buying. The condo's seller agent told her to work for her as Dual agent, and can help her to get the condo for sure, but she doesnt know if the dual-agent can work in her favour and she is wondering if she should continue using her current agent for this purchase.


any advices are greatly appreciated,


and Merry Christmas Smiley Happy

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Re: buying short sell with Seller's agent?

I'm against dual agent since they tend to be on the high-side of things so they can maximize their commission and keep all the commission to themself. On short sale, that usually does not work in your favor. I had an experience with a John L Scott agent on a short sale and he made so many mistakes that I had to threaten to sue him and report him before he "fixed" things.