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Remodel cost and addition cost?s

The modern architecture build thread got me thinking.


We abe seen a few small houses that are in breath locations, but are small and not suitable for a family of four.  


If we were to do a MAJOR remodel (down to the studs), new mechanicals, insulation, windows etc would be saving anything for starting from scratch?  We would also want to add about 500 to 600sqft to add a master bedroom and bath.





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Re: Remodel cost and addition cost?s

A major remodel can save from starting from scratch, but there are considerations.  Say ballpark $150 / sq ft vs $250 / sq ft for modern new construction.  Of course this all depends on what you build and and how you build.


If you want to go up, then it is probably easiest to go down to the foundation.  (Or if there is exterior brick keep that and replace the interior wall)  Structural requirements for shear strength for earthquakes will make this path easier.  Still, even in this case you already have your foundation, your utilities, etc.  We've had two neighbors that have done this.


A down-to-the-studs interior remodel with some additional structure also works.


In my experience, the major costs come from layers of overhead and managing risk.  A turnkey contracting job will have the costs of the sub-contractors, project management costs for the general contractor, a risk allowance (say 10%), a profit margin for the GC (say 15%), and then sales tax (another 10%). 


If you have the time and project management skills, or if you would like to do some of the construction yourself, then you can save a lot, but it takes effort to find subcontractors at a good rate, and make sure they work well for a one-off job.


We purchased a small house in Magnolia and in 2009 we explored adding a second story with Balance and Associates.  They created some beautiful designs for us and had some good ideas on how to integrate that design into our structure but ultimately we couldn't find a general contractor that could build enough house within our budget to make it worthwhile.  We ended up taking advantage of the recession and buying a larger house in Magnolia with a nicer view for the cost it would take to buy and remodel the old house.  It took us 2.5 years to find the right house to purchase as we had a long list of specific requirements.  We are remodeling this new house, but are updating systems and finishes, not structure, and are hands-on for the work.  Baan Design has been very helpful in engaging with us to work on architecture but leaving us free to manage the remodeling work ourselves.





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Re: Remodel cost and addition cost?s

Many factors.....the two most significant 1.Your taste and 2. extent of remodel may throw you into substantial remodel which will require you to be completely conforming to current code. Good luck.