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I just closed on a house, what's next?

We just got keys to our new house, and have no clues what do we have to do next. e.g. Are the utilities already transferred or do we have to get that done. Are there any nice set of next steps out there?

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Re: I just closed on a house, what's next?

Don't forget the mail, garbage, tv (cable/dish), internet, phone, car insurance, and school (if you have kids).  And curtains if it's a brand-new house.  We even had the locks changed when we bought our house, just in case there were any extra keys floating around out there.



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Re: I just closed on a house, what's next?

Hi Talky,


You will want to have the utilities transfered the day you take possession, so sounds like asap!
  That is certainly your responsibility to do so, which will basically be PSE and whatever local utility for water and sewer.  What is you properties address, I can look this up for you?  Are you guys moved in?



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Re: I just closed on a house, what's next?

Escrow generally handles only "lienable" utilities like water and sewer. Once in a blue moon electricity is a lienable utility, but not often. It is always a good idea to do them all and if you find that one or two were done by escrow (like water) when you call, don't assume they did any others.


"Lienable" means you become responsible for the former owner's bill as it becomes a lien on the house if not paid by escrow at closing. Water and Sewer are usually the only two handled that way, but it is different from one City to the next.


You should have a form #22K in your contract that was filled out by the seller showing the name and contact info for the main utilities. Don't forget driver's license and voter registration.


The above link is a pretty good general checklist.

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