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Crime along Aurora in Greenwood

Hi All,


My husband and I have been interested in the Greenwood area, but we've been hearing mixed things as far as crime and "sketchiness" in the area goes. We hear Aurora is pretty bad, but not all of it. 85th and Aurora has been mentioned to me as bad, but a little south of it can be okay? Is this accurrate? If anyone can give me insight on the neighbourhood and where the bad areas are I would really appreciate it, especially as I know agents can only point me to crime maps as opposed to comment directly about it. I've looked at these maps, but I'd really like to hear from someone who has a feel for the vibe of the area.





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Re: Crime along Aurora in Greenwood

We live in Sunset Hill and I drive through & on the I-99 / 85th & below corridor all the time. The closer you get to Greenlake the nicer the area near I-99 is. I'd say below 75th is just fine, 75-80th is okay, 80-85 marginal and above 85th not that cool but not super unsafe. This is my judgement in terms of feel of the neighborhood not the crime per se. We had some good friends that lived on ~87th until ~1.5 years ago between Aurora & Greenwood about 1/2 way and there were some sketchy neighbors mixed in with some nice neighbors. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Re: Crime along Aurora in Greenwood

You can always check Seattle's My Neighborhood Map --


Crime stats:

Police Reports:

911 Incidents:


Anecdotally there seems to have been an uptick in crime in the Greenwood area recently but I personally still think it's a great neighborhood.