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Cost to replace cedar shake roof with composition roof

I would like to get some ballpark estimate of how much I can expect to spend to replace a cedar shake roof with a 30yr comp roof. I am looking to buy a house which has a cedar shake roof. Its 2 story and living area is 2100 sq ft. This is in zip code 98052.

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Re: Cost to replace cedar shake roof with composition roof

Go to,  they get 100% of funding from the member subs and donations.  The companies are reviewed by users and you can find a few good roofers working Redmond that can quote.


Learn a little so you know what you want before they quote, and find out what they are using to do the work , and what is included.


The cost is just a guess but you will most likely need to add a layer of plywood, so my guess is $8,000- $16,000 for a good quality job.

Sq foot, pitch, how complex  and access are to the reason nobody can tell you without viewing the site....

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Re: Cost to replace cedar shake roof with composition roof

Agree with oddman. If it is a 1,050 foot print split entry so that 2,100 is the two level total, then I'd say $8,000 give or take. If it is a 2,100 sf one story home, which would make the roof twice the size but the home's square footage the same, then it would be in the $12,000 to $16,000 range or more. You can call someone like Redmond Roofing to get a ballpark, but do know the footprint vs the home's total square feet as the footprint is a better indicator of the sf of the roof. 


By "footprint" I mean the size of the level closest to the roof. You can get that from King County Records where they break down the square footage by level. It's a little more difficult for a tri-level, but usually the County Records combine the kitchen and bedroom levels on a tri-level, so that should still be a fairly accurate sf # for the roof. Close enough to get an estimate.

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Re: Cost to replace cedar shake roof with composition roof

Keep in mind you will need to have the existing sheathing torn off and replaced.  The additional demo & re-sheathing often makes the transition from shake to comp a bit more expensive than you'd think.  


Be sure to opt for CDX ply rather than OSB.  Also, be sure any quote you get includes all the necessary flashing, including starter flashing, and also adequate ventilation.  The devil is in the details for roofs.  Anyone can lay a field of composition, but dialing in the fine details is what solidifies the manufacturers' warranty and makes your roof built to truly last.  


Redmond Roofing is a good outfit.  As is Alpine & Mono Rooftop Solutions (they do more commercial than residential, but do a super high quality job with residential and most importantly their integrity can't be beat).  Don't go with the lowest bid- go with the most reasonable bid from the most recommended company.  Roofing (and all work to the envelope of your home) is like sushi... yes, you can get it on the cheap, but is that the sushi you really want!?!?  Smiley Surprised


Best wishes on your purchase!