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Registered: ‎04-26-2012

Construction Loans

Does anyone know of any banks, credit unions, etc. that are doing construction loans? And any with lower down payments?


My fiance and I found our dream piece of land, but I know it's really hard (if not impossible) to get a construction loan right now.



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Re: Construction Loans

Washington Federal and Wells Fargo, among others, will do construction loans at 20% down for under $600k, 25% over $600k. It's extraordinarily hard to build a decent, stand-alone home in this area for under $600k, so I'm guessing you'd be in the 25% bucket.


There are no options that I have found to get a 600k+ loan for less than 25% down outside of commercial lending (which you probably won't qualify for)



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Re: Construction Loans

Washington Federal may be the best bet. It will not be an easy process though. 

Also, be sure to get an experienced WA Fed agent to make the process smoother.

Good Luck!