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b of a??

Anybody use them for a FHA loan recently??
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Re: b of a??

I used Bank of America at first, but the experience was a nightmare.  I was told the loan would close in 30 days.  2 months later it still was not closed.  I looked around frantically at that point-- to find someone who could give me the best deal but would follow through.  I got really lucky.  My loan officer was nothing short of AWESOME - Mortgage Lenders of America is good company but Matt Wildy made the experience even better. I recommend him, but unfortunately I don't have his number handy.  I would look him up if you are looking for someone who knows what he is doing and treats you like an actual customer.  I think he gets most of his business from realtors--because my realtor said she and a few others work with him often.  Matt needed a few things from me, but that was any easy process.  Basically, he did everything and all I had to do was basically sign the papers 2 weeks later.

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Re: b of a??

everybody has a story like that about BofA.  They promise you the moon but don't deliver.

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Re: b of a??

BofA is known for having a lot of issues lately.  I'd stay away from them at all costs!  It will only hurt your chances in buying a home.