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Starting again the search...

Me and my husband took a break from house searching. We got fed up with real estated agents that blew us off due to our low bracket of house amount we were looking for and a mortgage company that never wanted to take the time to explain to us anything. We want a plan to get into a higher house bracket so we are very aware we need to pay off some more of our credit cards. What would you recommend search for a mortgage company first or find a real estate agent? We want someone to take the time to sit down with us and explain what we should do as far as what to pay off first and a goal as to how long we should wait before we do another approval. We live in Chula Vista, California if you know of anyone please email us.

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Re: Starting again the search...

You should first get in touch with a mortgage person. They should be able to guide on the financial aspect of the transaction. Once you have good grasp of how much you can afford, the Real Estate agent is your next person you need to talk to....