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Matt Battiata?

Anyone got any input on this guy?  Been trying to buy one of his listings but can't get a call back?  Is he on the up and up or what's the deal?

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Re: Matt Battiata?

We bought a short sale from him about 2 yrs ago. Even though, the listing is under his name, it's really his agents you need to deal with. I agree with you that it was PITA. The reason you don't get a call back is probably because they already have a buyer that they represent. The MLS listing is just for show. If you really like the place, just submit an offer and ask your agent to follow up. When we sent our offers, they told us to lower it, but I knew the area and the comps. I suspect that they had their own buyer but didn't want to pay that much. So I insisted on the price, and got the offer accepted and eventually the approval.

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Re: Matt Battiata?

he posts many ads for homes for "sale" that are actually contingent.  It's a way for free advertisement and to get new clients.  I'd stay clear of these types of realtors.  They are more about the money and themselves than they are about the client - I wouldn't trust him or any of the realtors working for him.  

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Re: Matt Battiata?

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To OP:


If you are serious considering buying, go out and find a buyer agent for free.


Lot of time list agents (LA) don't think you are serious by calling them yourself instead of your agent. Nowadays market is hot and a LA is typically dealing with more than ten offers. These are real offers and have already buried the LA. He just has no time to answer a cautious call.


If this is two years ago, LA begs you to buy his listing.


You can go to his open house and talk to him.

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Re: Matt Battiata?

Agreed -  the best thing you can do is go out and get a good buyers agent (dont setlle) to represent your interests.  Last thing you want to do is use the Listing Agent directly, thinking you can do it on your own.  When you contact the LA directly to buy, they will by default become your representative as well as the sellers.


Last thing I would want to do is deal with a Realtor working both ends of the deal: that has conflict of interest written all over it.