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Getting permit for an existing construction



I am looking to buy a house which has some unpermitted construction. How easy or difficult will it be for me to get the permit after I buy the house? This construction increases the square footage of the house.. so will I owe any back taxes?



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Re: Getting permit for an existing construction

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I have a outstanding contact for this exact situation who does this full time. Please call me at your convienience and I'll be glad to give you his name and number!


Capstone Home Inspection.



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Re: Getting permit for an existing construction

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At the end of the day, if you get the house, you WILL be dealing with the jurisdictional building department if you go ahead with getting any unpermitted work properly permitted.  Make a list of what you think the unpermitted features are, call the building department and describe your situation with them WITHOUT disclosing  our name or the property address.  They have gone through this many times I'm sure and are typically able to give you some guiadance as to what to expect inspection-wise, the possiblity of back taxes, and any fees that might be anticipated.  Please let us know what happens!