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Any good realtors for Sacramento area? Please see my question below



We are proffessionals with 2 very young kids living in the SF bay area since 4 years. We work in the bay area and my recently laid off husband found a position in Yuba city area in Sacramento. We were planning to buy in SF area but was always too expensive for us. So we are renting a SFH in a very good bay area neighbourhood and this costs us $3000 per month. Now hubby will have to rent another place inYuba city area so he can live there Mon-Fri before heading home for the weekend. I looked at the rents in that area and looks like we can expect to pay ~700-900$. We have a substantial amount of cash which we have saved for our home purchase which is not going anywhere and we look to be wasting money in rent.


 Both Hubby and I decided that Sacramento area looks better for our family long term due to good school district pockets and lower real estate prices. We will have to maintain two homes for atleast 1 year. Since the bay area seems out of reach, would it be a good idea to buy a home in Sacramento area so hubby can live there on weekdays. He would come home on weekends to bay area as our son goes to school here. Eventually I plan to quit my job and also move to Sacramento area possibly next 1-1.5 years. 


A home for our family will be ideally a SFH with 4-5 bedrooms.However, at this point, I would like to be conservative and opt for a 2-3 bed condo, TH (HOA fees?)  or SFH which can then be converted to rental property when our family move to Sacramento area is complete and we buy our dream home. Any suggesstions. I am looking for something below 150K for the first home.


What good areas are out there that he could live which will have good investment potential, also in reasonable distance of Yuba City. Your help is appreciated. We would also like to hire an experianced realtor to explain us our options.



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Re: Any good realtors for Sacramento area? Please see my question below

RE: Realtors - We recently made our home purchase in Sacramento through Dick and Melissa Boren


We received excellent and very proffesional service. The team is highly knowledgable very responsive. They made our long short sale process less complex by explaining each step along the way, what to expect etc. 

We highly recommend them.

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Re: Any good realtors for Sacramento area? Please see my question below

Hi there,


Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate!!  I recommend you live in Rocklin, Roseville or Lincoln - in that order.  Placer County is very nice, has excellent schools, and the commute to Yuba  City isn't too bad.  Values are good in Placer County and if you do some research you'll see why I recommend it over Sacramento.


Best of luck - you'll love it up here with us Smiley Happy


Julie S.

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Re: Any good realtors for Sacramento area? Please see my question below

Yuba city is 43 miles from Sac.... Why do you want to buy in Sac?

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Re: Any good realtors for Sacramento area? Please see my question below

I'll second the recommendation for Dick and Melissa Boren. They've just finished selling our house and are working with us on our house hunt (and they were working with us to look at properties before we decided to list our home). Both their experience and their service have been unmatched by any realtor we've worked with in the area. They are very flexible, patient, and responsive, and we have felt absolutely no pressure toward anything we're uncomfortable with through both the selling and the buying processes. We're very glad that this great team are Redfin partner agents and that we happened to find them through Redfin.

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Re: Any good realtors for Sacramento area? Please see my question below

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You are fortunate in that you have great options near Yuba City that will allow your husband to get to work in 30-45min (traffic pending) and still provide an excellent environment to raise your children. I am a proud father of two and have been Licensed since 2000. The Placer County area is going to be your best option for schools and community. If your husband is 100% in his new poistion in Yuba City I personally feel your best option will be Lincoln. It has the highest growth potential of all surrounding cities (Rocklin,Roseville) and is still the best price per sqft in the area for your initial purchase that will get your entire family up the hill and keep your family together! 

A SFR is going to be better fit to allow your family to grow and not be in a hurry to have to buy again in the next 2-4 years and as you mentioned below the HOA fees associated with MOST Condo/Townhome style properties usually make them cost MORE on a monthly basis then a comparable sized SFR. 

I have worked with several clients relocating from the Bay Area and they all are very happy with their decision to get into Placer County. 

Other Agents have put Rocklin and Roseville ahead of Lincoln which is of course personal preference and as of now they are correct in that ROCKLIN is the highest ranked city for schools in our area but that does not mean Roseville and or Lincoln do not offer nice schools. In fact Roseville and Lincoln still plan to add brand new High Schools to their areas in the coming years that your children will get to enjoy.

I suggest you get some properties lined up to preview in the Placer County area and see for your self what feels best after seeing a few homes in each city.