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Home inspection Tigard

I made an offer on the house and home inspection (General, Radon, Sewer scope) was done by Apex home inspections at Happy Valley, OR on Nov 14, 2012.

Before the sewer scope was conducted, the inspector Josh was having hard time locating main sewer outlet, and I helped him locate the sewer outlet, it was right next to the pond with water features.

He noticed pump, filters and accessories under the bushes and told me they were very nice unit and his hobbies were building ponds, that’s how he knows it is a nice unit.


Following day, I went back for the other inspections and found the water feature unit (pump that he mentioned) is missing.

Immediately I called and asked if he knows anything about it and he stumbled and said no.

I called my realtor and told what happened and I asked if I should let APEX know what happened and she thinks I should let the Apex know what happened.


So, I thought it was a good idea to talk to the owner, left message for the owner and he called me back.


I spoke to Scott, he said he was the owner of the APEX home inspections at Happy Valley.

I told him what had happened and I was concerned.

He asked if I am accusing his employee stealing or saw him stealing, and I replied, “If I saw stealing I would not call you rather call the police, and I am not accusing Josh, (your sewer inspector) stole it but telling you what had happened after the inspection”.


Scott was upset and told me “ I do not appreciate you accusing my employee and how do I know you stole it and put a blame on my employee?” (now he is accusing me)


Well, I told him again, I am letting you know the fact what had happened, I did not accuse your inspector Josh, but I thought it was right thing to do before making a formal report.  Scott was upset and said go ahead and make a report, and we ended conversation.


I will let the seller’s broker know what had happened with home inspection, and it will be up to the seller to make report with appropriate agency.


If I was the owner of the business, I take all calls seriously and would appreciate time customer takes to explain their concerns.


Explaining only the facts about what took place does not automatically accusing someone.

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Re: Home inspection Tigard

Smells fishy..

I am a potential buyer and looking for a home inspection.

I don't know where to call yet but I know where not to call.


Thanks so much for sharing this story.

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Re: Home inspection Tigard

There is a conflict of interest having inspections done by the homeowner's business.  There is no opportunity for an impartial opinion to this transaction.  The Apex employee will side with his cash cow.


Steer cleer!

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Re: Home inspection Tigard

APEX won't be on our list of Home Inspection providers.  Josh shouldn't have required help to locate the sewer outlet.  So the timing was just misfortunate that the pump, filters and accessories came up missing once Josh had identified how nice they were?

Are you sure you got a proper Home inspection?  Is Apex bonded and insured?  We know they're not ethical based on your posting.


Good luck with your home purchase!

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Re: Home inspection Tigard

I wonder what action the seller will take.


Let say the seller accepts the buyer offer, gives 10 days for buyer inspection. The buyer hires several runs of inspectors (termite, roof, pumping, etc) then something is stolen or damaged in the course of inspection.


Will the seller go ahead to demand buyer to pay back? After all, buyer hires the inspectors so buyer acts as the general contractor and has to take full responsibility, right?


Can one of the agents participate in this forum answer my question?


Similar question goes to situation when buyer agent shows a house to client and something damaged /stolen (say forget to lock all doors after showing), will buyer's agent be responsible to pay back?

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Re: Home inspection Tigard

Hi Fishmarty,

  There are a lot of different possibilities in your post! 

  If an inspector breaks something (like a vase) then the inspector is liable. 

If something breaks during the inspection process( like a window crank, or a dishwasher, or maybe a tub drain leak) it would/could/should be written up as failed during testing I think it would be hard for a seller to get anyone else to accept responsibility for that type of a situation( although they can try).

If something is stolen and it is proven that the inspector is the culprit then the inspector is liable.

To the point of your question: could the buyer also be held liable for any action by the inspector? Yes, however, for things outside of the scope of an inspection, the inspector would more likely be held strictly rather than jointly/severally.    The facts of each case could make it harder for the buyer: say for instance the seller could prove the buyer knew the inspector had a history of breaking things or a criminal record for theft.