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Registered: ‎02-01-2013

Interactive School Boundary Map with Student Data

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I'm new to the Redfin forum, but have always enjoyed using the Redfin site - it's so much more modern and intuitive compared to other real estate searches.   As kind of a side project I've created a website that displays an interactive map showing the school boundaries of the Philadelphia area and associated school data.  The map fuses together School boundary data from the college of William and Mary with publicly available demographic data, student/teacher ratio data and school size data from the National Center for Educational Statistics.  


The site itself is located here:

Philadelphia's maps can be found here:


Once you've selected which school boundaries you would like to see (Elementary, Middle or High) you can use the pulldown menu next to "Select School information to view" to change the coloring of the map to reflect different statistics, such as demography, student/teacher ratio, school size etc..   Typically darker colored areas of the map will indicate higher values.


Additionally you can click on a school area to see a popup with data and a link to the NCES site.


As you can probably tell immediately I'm no web designer!  But hopefully these maps will have some use to the Redfin user.