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First Time Home Buyers - Advice Please!

So I recently went though a first time home buying experience...  I don't know if I am alone here, so I was looking for some advice:


What difficulties did you experience?


What was hard that should not have been? 


What was the most painful part or most frustrating?


What can I do to help my friends who will be going through the process in the near future?


I have been talking to several friends...  Buying a house shouldn't be hard, right?

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Re: First Time Home Buyers - Advice Please!

Do yo u still need advice on the First Time Home Buyer process?

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Re: First Time Home Buyers - Advice Please!

I have actually shared this one on another thread, but it might also help those who may land on this page looking for answers in terms of home buying, especially for first time home buyers:


Usually, as first tome home buyers, one should be very vigilant with the agentsn that they deal with and homes that they are prospecting for.




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Re: First Time Home Buyers - Advice Please!

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