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The importance of Home Inspection

We would like to share our opinion about how important to have a good home inspector after our experience of a home inspection on a property in east Yorba Linda.


We Google searched and also searched in this forum and got several quotes with sample inspection reports. The lowest fee was $350, the highest $735. We selected Steve Lottatore with Bilt-Rite (His fee is in between the low and high.) because we saw several posts here about the experiences with his services, complimenting the job he did for them. Steve did every effort to find the causes of all the water damaged areas, even though it was way past the expected inspection time frame due to too many defects on the property. One of the causes for the water leak he found was beyond our expectation: the center of the roof on one side of the property is sagging. We contacted a few roofing companies and were told it is more likely trusses being rotten due to either termites or chronic water leak, or both, which was one of the main reasons for us to walk away. It could be easily missed if the inspector had assumed the common cause for water leak on ceiling resulting from roof tiles slipping or broken. The money we spent on the inspection is worthy though we walked away. By the way, if somebody is interested in that house, you may send email to for the inspection report as we are not sure if the address can be posted or not in this forum.


During our searching home inspectors in this forum, we did see a post suggesting have free contractors’ estimates instead of home inspection. Our experience tells us it is absolutely necessary to have the home inspected, and more important is to have a good inspector. Our opinion is contractors’ free estimate can only work for something defective in the property which you are already aware of.

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Re: The importance of Home Inspection

A good story, and thanks for sharing.


Why not post a link to the property in question?  That would be extremely helpful to others.  It will be also be an interesting test of Redfin's principles.  If they delete the link, or the post, that will tell us that they are more interested in protecting the interests of sellers and agents. If they do not, then they are at least as interested in promoting the interests of buyers.  Aren't you curious to know which is the case?  I know I am.  I'll be watching to see what happens, if you post the link.