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Redfin Market Manager
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Search by School Boundaries

Redfin released a new feature today that should help out those looking to search for a home within a particular school boundary! Lots of shoppers search based on these boundaries, so this is a very exciting release.


Here's the blog post:


It's as simple as typing in the name of a school and if we've got the boundary for it it will show up and show only homes that fall within that boundary. Most districts work flawlessly, but if you go test it out you may find a few that don't work as well as we hope they will at some point.


In South Orange County there is one school district in particular that doesn't pull boundaries back. Saddleback Unified School District doesn't have boundary records digitally available for Redfin to reference, so typing in a school name that falls within that district (or others like it) will just center the search on that school. I'm sure as more district boundaries are available this will improve.


If you see anything you wish were a bit different or that doesn't appear to be working properly please let us know, either in this thread or by clicking on the 'Report a Problem with this Website' link in the lower right corner of the map search.


Happy house hunting!

Paul Reid | Inland Empire Market Manager
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Re: Search by School Boundaries

Wow this would have been such a useful feature while I was shopping (we closed in July)! Ahhh well, something to note for the future.

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Re: Search by School Boundaries

Search by school is great, but search by district would be even better.  Clearly, this information is available.  My wife and I are trying to keep our children from having to switch schools.  District rules allow them to attend any school within the district.  Our district boundaries do not exactly follow the city boundaries.  Right now, my only alternative is to search every school in the district, one at a time.

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Re: Search by School Boundaries

About a week and a half ago, the local MLS in South Orange County changed systems from which we receive our feed, from one called Tempo, to one called Matrix.  This change has forced us real estate professionals to undergo a MASSIVE learning curve in our attempts to keep up to speed.  It has had some incredible - unexpected - glitches, but most of us are plowing through, trying to not get left behind. ( I've heard from a couple of "old timers" that this just might be a catalyst for them to retire - it has been that challenging.


Having said that, the new system APPEARED to have numerous advantages, not the least of which was to ( FINALLY!) be able to access the MLS on a browser other than Internet Explorer. ( Is there ANYONE who still uses IE, if they're not forced to, as we used to be?  I know I haven't since the day we switched to the new system.)


Another one of the "advantages" of our new system is a capability to do a map search by school district, where the district boundaries are clearly delineated on the maps, and you call drill down to see the lines in an aerial view of prospective homes.  This MAY be an answer some of you are seeking.  I haven't had the occasion to do this myself, but I've seen it done in training sessions.


Ask your local friendly Realtor to conduct such a search for you - we now have that capability.

All this, of course, is merely MY opinion. Thanks for reading.

Bob Phillips - Realty ONE Group - South Orange County, CA
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Re: Search by School Boundaries

Great feature.  Once again Redfin is stomping on the status quo.