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Question about supplemental taxes..

Hi, I'm somewhat new to this stuff so I was wondering if you guys could help me. I purchased a home in 2011 and sold it december of 2012. I recently moved out of state. Today I happened to receive 2 supplemental tax bills for the period i owned the home. Now I'm new to supplemental taxes.. so I looked it up and it seems that it should only apply to homebuyers and anybody doing construction on their current home? I'm neither and I currently don't even own a home. Also it says if I don't pay the taxes they have the ability put a lien on my home, however I don't currently own the home, and haven't for about 2 months so that doesn't scare me. Do I have to pay this bill? Why did it come to me so late? Was it a mistake?


Thanks for the help.



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Re: Question about supplemental taxes..

Those are your property taxes you owe from 2011 when you bought the house. You should call the number on the bill and pay the taxes.

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Re: Question about supplemental taxes..

You're probably right that it won't affect you if you don't pay them.  The county will put a lien against the house, and whoever owns it now will have to pay the taxes (and penalties) to clear the lien.


What should have happened is that at your closing (when you sold the house) the seller should have asked for and you should have given a credit to the seller for 2011 supplemental property taxes that you should be paying (because you owned the house during the appropriate time period) but which the new owner is going to end up paying (because the bill will only arrive later).  That's the way regular taxes are normally handled -- by credits and charges in escrow, so that both buyer and seller are treated fairly in terms of who pays what taxes when.  The county doesn't much care about all this, it just assesses the taxes against the property and sends the bill to the owner of record every January.


Now, if you did NOT credit the buyer with these taxes, then congratulations, you managed to slip one by him.  His agent should have been on the look-out for that.   So you can if you like spring this little surprise on the new owner.  But morally, I'd say you should pay the taxes.  You owned the house, it was your responsibility.  For what it's worth, you can deduct it from your income on your taxes.