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more than an open house - a neighborhood disrupction

we went to a westside condo open house today.  when we were nearby, it was parked up more than usual, and we chuckled and said "yup, they're all here for the open house".


only they were!  we've gone to busy open houses before, but today's dwarfed anything we've seen.  all guest parking was filled, cars were double parking to let people out, tying up the local traffic.  we parked 3 blocks away (this isn't a busy parking area), and came across several couples with their agents leaving (this was 15 minutes into the open house) when we got to the building  people with their agents were lined up the steps to get in, and when we got into the unit, which was a 2+2, there were easily 40 people crammed inside looking at everthing, and probably more.  i couldn't even get out of one of the bedrooms - i had to wait as the guys ahead of me were blocked by more people coming into the front door.


the listing agent was trying to answer questions, but she had to keep running to let more people in, and there were a bunch of people, mostly with their agents, walking in the common area plus 4 groups parked by the pool. 


when we left, we were behind 5 groups from the condo, and more were pouring in.


this is the first time we've seen an open house that tied up traffic, filled all parking spaces and had such an enormous effect on a neighborhood.  i know there's not much out there for sale, but wow!  have you guys seen other open houses like this? 

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Re: more than an open house - a neighborhood disrupction

I went to an open house in san jose last weekend.  It was packed.  People were double parking blocking other in.  It crazy out there.

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Re: more than an open house - a neighborhood disrupction

Yeah I saw this in 2001 when I searched SFH in San Francisco.


Every time I had 30-40 people in and out of a house at one time. Owner has to open every entrance, including garage door to accommodate. Home price was $700k-800k that time.


On one estate sale, LA with his friends had to guard the front door to let one group to come in after another group got out. We had ~ 50 people waiting outside...


Expect this run of craziness to last 5-6 years before any sign of cooling down.

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Re: more than an open house - a neighborhood disruption

Yes, this summer in WEHO. My daughter was attending open houses for condos, and she often had to wait outside the actual building because the line-up to get into the condo was irritating to the residents. She soon figured out that lines ups like these were great visual signs to turn around and go home. Nothing  for her to buy.....

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Re: more than an open house - a neighborhood disrupction

2 years ago there were lines of people waiting to see homes too, except that they were not crazy as today.  You could still be picky, really picky if you had money.