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Tenant in Rent Control Apt in Los Angeles- I want the tenant of my unit for personal reasons.

Need help:


I have tenant who has been very annoying and basically I want the tenant to leave my apartment without paying relocation fees.


The building is built before 1970's and the tenant move in about 4 years ago and has never had an rent increase.

1st I'm taking over the family business so I'm new to handling tenant issues.

2nd The 1 year lease agreement has been over 3 years now basically he's living there month to month. I've served papers to tenant regarding rent increase with LAHD guidelines and the tenant refuses to pay increase base on a verbal agreement between my other family member. I've honor that verbal agreement to keep peace at my apartment units. I realized he's been lying about false issues that he has created but I have not documented these problems except for emails back and forth of him being problematic. 


He has been paying rent on time and for personal reasons I want to end my Landlord and Tenant relationship for personal reasons: He's been disruptive in the past with other tenants in the building, he's lied about problems at the apartment complex which were not true and he refuese to pay rent increase base on verbal agreement.


I've heard you can ask the tenat to leave without paying relocation fees as long as you give them a year to move. I'm fine with year's notice as long as this tenant leaves then. I just want the tenant to leave- Can anyone give me advice for annoying tenant?






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Re: Tenant in Rent Control Apt in Los Angeles- I want the tenant of my unit for personal reasons.

I own and manage rental properties in Los Angeles and am very experienced with the rules relating to terminating tenancy.


Based on what you wrote above, there is no legal way for you to evict the tenant. Unless you are willing to go through the onerous and expensive process of moving yourself or a family member into that particular unit (and this must be pre-approved by the housing department) you should get used to them being around. 


Them annoying you or spreading a lie is not grounds for termination of the lease. 

If you want to increase their rent, do it in writing and if they don't pay the increased amount you might be able to evict based on non-payment of rent but it sounds like your family made some type of promise that you need to sort out and understand. 


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  You don't really 'own' the property you own in Los Angeles.