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Lock box after close of escrow

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After the close of escrow on the house I purchased, the lock box has yet to be removed.  It is a Nu Set lock box with a 4-digit combination that has a keyhole inside the lock box for the removal of the box from what it is attached to (in this case, the front porch railing).


Are those keys common, so that if I get another Nu Set lock box, the key that it comes with will work on the existing lock box?


Any help would be appreciated.  (I do not have any bolt cutters and the agent will probably take too long to remove it.)

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Re: Lock box after close of escrow

HG, congrats on your purchase.  How long has the lock box been left there?  It took about a day for the listing agent to remove the sign from our lawn and about another 4 days to remove the lockbox from the front gate.  Call them up, and give them a couple of days to remove it, inform them that after that date it will be disposed of.  Usually each box is keyed differently so a bolt cutter may be your best and cheapest option.  A grinder with the appropriate cutting disc would cut through it like butter as well (and could provide you with some entertainment!)


This came up a few months ago as well, they cut the box.