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I want to move in my own house

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I want to move in my own house. Currrently i am renting. Can anyone tell me about some affordableproperty dealers.



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Re: I want to move in my own house

Are we to understand you wish to buy the house you are currently renting?

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Re: I want to move in my own house

i'm guessing since you're asking about dealers that you're interested in finding a property.  you don't mention what affordable is to you, but you don't need a dealer - you need an agent.  you can find one here on redfin, and you can even find the properties to check out here on redfin.  if you check the areas east of culver city and the north west part of the valley (and maybe north hollywood and reseda), there are some very nicely priced homes.  you'll also find inexpensive houses in hawthorne and gardena


here are some you can learn more about in hawthorne!excl_ss=true&market=socal&max_price=300000&min_price=50000&num...




and gardena!market=socal&max_price=300000&min_price=50000&num_beds=2&regio...

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Re: I want to move in my own house

Affordable is never a good word to describe a price point.   What's affordable to one person may be 100x the affordable level for another.

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Re: I want to move in my own house

The original post was previously in another thread. The moderator moved it to its own thread (i.e., this thread). I think the poster just wants to generate hits for the website listed in his profile, which is for real estate in India. I'd ignore the post---it's just spam.