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Buying a house next to commercial property?

I saw a house a few days ago, it's a great home and good price for the area, The problem is behind the house is a parking lot and it's the first house on the street so to the left are homes but to the right is parking for a store. It's a gated house and there are walls seprating it from the outside so my family doesn't mind and it shouldn't effect us. I'm concered about problems reselling it a few years down the road, will we have trouble selling it?

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Re: Buying a house next to commercial property?

Yes. Any time you have a house that shares a commercial property you will turn off buyers, such as myself, who wouldn't even consider a place like this. I'm not sure of this exact property but parking lots may attract lurkers and people will have easy access into your property if they choose to. During the summer, I like to leave my windows open. But I would not feel comfortable if I lived here.

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Re: Buying a house next to commercial property?

Find out what kind of businesses can be allowed at the commercial site. If today it's a tech company/office, but it's possible to put a liquor store there because of the zoning, pass.


Thanks for reading. 

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Re: Buying a house next to commercial property?

Many decades ago my backyard ended at the Duncan Donuts parking lot.  Adjacent to that was a laundrymat and a furniture store.  Oddly it was quiet.  Of course the police were parked there frequently during the night.  Had it been a liquor or convenience store it could have been horrid.


Loansby makes a very good point about finding out what kinds of stores can be placed there.  That will make a huge difference.


Walk the neighborhood tomorrow morning or Sunday afternoon.  Talk to your potential neighbors and find out about the neighborhood and about any problems with the commercial property.  Go back to the property and determine what portions of the commercial property can be seen from each window.  Open several windows and see what the noise is.  


Drive by at different times night and day to find out noise level, types of clientel and all the other savory facts to be seen.