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Have this ever happen to any one.


I was in the process of closing the escrow on my house.

I called the escrow office to come see the escrow officer who handle my escrow. But she wasn't there so I talk to her assistance to make an appointment to come to the office and hand them the cashier check of 85K for my house. The assistance told me to come any time, if she is there she will come out if not just leave it to the front desk. 

I came to the office but front desk won't let me see her  so leave it to the front desk the envelope - inside the envelope is the cashier check and the insurance policy. If left with the front desk because my agent told me he has called and talk to the person take care of my escrow. And she said it is ok to give to the front desk.

After 5 days dropped off the envelope (cashier check and Insurance). The envelope was sheilded shut.

The escrow office called my agent and said that I don't have the check only have the insurance.The insurane paper has paper clipped to the check with a post it note on it. And the envelop label ATTN the name of the person who handle my escrow.

The escrow company need another cashier check or they can't go forward in closing the house.

The thing is that with cashier check it will take 3 months if no one claim the money the bank will refund me the money.

I don't have money to get another cashier check.

I spend so much times and money in this house already.


What can I do?  Now the escrow company sort if saying that I didn't gave them the check. Not that they have lost it or miss place it some where. It said that the front desk open the envelope and didn't see the check. If they didn't see then check why wait so long before contact my agent.


Any advice from a pro here??


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Re: Escrow

Well, I certainly hope you've already gone to your bank and had a stop payment put on the check - that should have been the first thing you did. Sounds to me like somebody stole your check. Next time do a wire transfer.

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Re: Escrow





I'm so sorry to hear your story. I learned something early on in life and it's really hard to practice, but you really should trust no one!


I would go to the police (better say run!) and file a police report as well as stop the payment for the cashier check at the source (whether you got it at a bank or some other source like Western Union etc.) and I would also hire a lawyer to deal with the escrow company (just to show them that you mean business and that you're going to get to the bottom of this!)


Someone obviously stole your check/money and I would start with the person you spoke on the phone with...


Regarding the house, try talking to both agents involved and see if this deal can still be saved, otherwise please move on and get a better deal, your money back, attorney's fees and criminals in jail!


Good luck!!!

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Re: Escrow

Speak to your bank manager.


You should be able to place a stop payment on that cashiers check because it is lost.  It shouldnt take that long to get it reissued.  They may have you get a surety/indemnity bond in order to get the funds prior to the 90 days.


Its been a while since Ive been in the banking industry, Im pretty sure that is still how it works.


Good luck.