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rancho cucamonga good area to live

I want to live in rancho cucamonga but I don't know that this area is good or not. I see there are a lot of new homes. I plan to buy one and live there for my retirement. I have checked the school rating 8 and 9 pretty good. You think that I make a right choice to live in rancho cucamonga. Is there a lot of crime? How is people there?

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Re: rancho cucamonga good area to live

Rancho Cucamonga is horrible. There is crime everywhere. The schools are the worst, especially in Etiwanda. The people are real mean too. There is no where to go shopping. Can't find a decent restaurant. No clothing stores around anywhere. Horrible, just horrible!

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what Re: rancho cucamonga good area to live

what have you got against an old guy that wants to retire?

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Re: rancho cucamonga good area to live

On a positive note...

Rancho Cucamonga is an excellent place to live.  My experience is that people are quite friendly.  There is more shopping than anywhere else in San Bernardino county, including clothing stores and top restaurants  Victoria Gardens and the surrounding areas have about any shops you might be looking for.  Plus, Ontario has the outlet shops.. 

Rancho is huge.  It is actually three cities combined, Alta Loma, Rancho and Etiwanda combined years ago to make Rancho Cucamonga.  The three areas have their own distinct styles.  Alta Loma is older and Etiwanda is newer.  Just a heads up, east of Haven gets very windy.

Really, you will have good and bad in any city, but Rancho gives much more good than bad.

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Re: rancho cucamonga good area to live

Rancho is a good place. try to stay close to foothill blvd. Foothill blvd is Historic Rout 66.
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Re: rancho cucamonga good area to live

We have quite a bit of family in the Alta Loma area of Rancho Cucamonga area. We do not live there.  We've watched this area grow from an area of vineyards to an urban planned metropolis.  Lots of restaurants, and shopping galore everywhere.  The area is newer and has sprung up from an entirely rural area.  In the late 70s I would go out there often with a friend and get lost on the country roads and we would stay at the parents 1920s rock built house that was near Chaffey College.  There's new commercial centers and the mountains are minutes away.  The farther north you go the nicer the homes get and now with the 210 running through instead of only the 10 for an east/west corridor the northern parts are no longer so romotely removed from the freeways so access is good now.  The wind is an issue at times that is true but apparently not a deal breaker. Also if you like to go out to the Palm Desert/LaQuinta and other desert areas it is east out the 10 and to the west you have Claremont and the Claremont College activities and farther westward to other cities and places fun to see.  My husband and I both grew up, schooled, and then after being married lived all over southern California as did our parents and relatives.