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Mobile homes/ land lots?

I currently own a mobile home and am paying $1,000 a month for my space(crazy, I know). So I am considering buying a piece of land in the Inland Empire onto which I can move my mobile home but I know a lot of cities do not allow you to have just a mobile home on an empty lot.  If any of you happen to know which cities in either LA, San Bern, or Riversde. counties allow this, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared the information. 
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Re: Mobile homes/ land lots?

check into the lake mathews area of riverside, i have seen a lot of mobile homes thereon their own piece of land
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Re: Mobile homes/ land lots?

Great question.


First, let me say that I know of NO city that will welcome your existing mobile.  You did not give the year or a description of the building materials, so at the risk of boring other reasers I offer this:


Some years back, the Manufactured Housing industry successfully lobbied the State of California to require all cities to permit the placement of Manufactured housing on any legal residential lot.  Cities responded, for the most part, by creating 'Design Guidelines' or ordinances making it difficult for you to drop your older Manufacture Home into their town.


Requirements may include:

  • Garages
  • Wood or Stucco siding (no metal)
  • Compliance with Uniform Building code and Local Zonining Codes 
  • Eaves (roof overhangs) of a m inimum that coud cause a roof to lift off while being trucked down the highway
  • Permanant concrete foundation
  • Covered porch or patio


cale_creole is correct, there are still many unincorporated areas where you may place a new Manufactured Home, including the Mead Valley area of Riverside Co and many parts of the HiDesert, from Twentynine Palms to Phelan.  These are the areas where landowners might rather shoot first and negotiate later with the Building Official; few if any are bucolic suburban settings.


There are also many own-your-own lot mobile communities, Sierra Dawn in Hemet and The Farm near Lake Elsinore come to mind.  If yours is a newer home, it might make sense in this economy to buy an old home and lot and replace it with your nice one.  You'll have an HOA, but also a tidy environment and recreation amenities.  One possible problem: I think these two are 55+ communities, but maybe another reader knows and all-ages park if you need that.


Here's one to consider:


At $34,500 + HOA fees and taxes, it should be half what your rent is now.  It's a quiet street, just one block from a nice clubhouse with pool and spa.


Good luck!

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Re: Mobile homes/ land lots?

Here's Riverside's rules:


19.340.010 Purpose.

19.340.020 Applicability and Permit Requirements.

19.340.030 Development Standards.

19.340.010 Purpose.

The purpose of regulating manufactured dwellings is to ensure compatibility of such

dwellings with surrounding uses and properties and to avoid any impacts associated with such

dwellings. (Ord. 6966 §1, 2007)

19.340.020 Applicability and Permit Requirements.

Manufactured dwellings, as defined in Article X (Definitions), are permitted in any zone

where a single family residence is permitted pursuant to Government Code 65852.3 - Local

Manufactured Homes Zoning. The manufactured dwelling must be certified under the National

Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C. Secs. 5401

et. seq.) and placed on a foundation system. (Ord. 6966 §1, 2007)

19.340.030 Development Standards.

The standards set forth in Article V, Base Zones and Related Use and Development

Provisions, shall apply to manufactured dwellings in addition to the following.

A. Building elevations shall be submitted for review and approval by the Zoning

Administrator depicting the roof overhang, roofing material and siding material. (Ord. 6966 §1,





Sounds like it's doable, IMHO.

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Re: Mobile homes/ land lots?

Thanks to Geoptf for the research.


For further reading: these standards apply to parcels in the RR (rural residential) zone of unicorporated Riverside County, so if it's country life you seek . .  .