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square foot difference

I am about to make an offer to a house but I am a little confused about the square footage of the house.

The county website shows less sq ft than thats listed. That additional sq ft is in the living area in the attic space.


if I include that additonal sq ft, I will end up paying almost 30k more than the value of the house.


Should I have to consider the listed sq ft or the county's sq ft when calculating the price of the house?



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Re: square foot difference

The sq footage can differ on a home from the county site. The square footage should be looked at by an appraiser. If previously unlivable space was made larger or finished out to include return air and central ducting then the square footage could have increased. Sunrooms and enclosed porches rarely increase the real square footage of a home becuase they lack the ducting service for air conditioning and heating and should not be included when pricing by square footage.