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Spring Market

When does the Spring market begin in Chicago? I've always heard you should start looking after the superbowl but I haven't seen much of an increase in inventory this year.



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Re: Spring Market

My understanding is March. I'm sure one of the regular agents will be able to better clarify.

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Re: Spring Market



"Traditionally" the "Spring Market" begins right after the Superbowl. There is "traditionally" a lull in the market between Thanksgiving and the Superbowl, why the quotation marks? Because the past two years have been far from traditional. Last year at this time we began to see something we hadn't seen in a few years..Multiple offers...


This year multiple offer situations are common and expected. The demand is there but the inventory is not and in some areas there has been a steep year over year decline in the number of homes for sale.


Buyers should be utilizing the tools provided and consulting with their agents about the areas where they are searching to gain clear insight into their local markets.  Your agent can work with you to devise a winning strategy to get the home of your choice.


The advantage will go to the most well prepared so get your financing in order ahead of time. On the lending side we are seeing folks who were not anticipating finding a home quickly..find a home quickly. Taking the time to be thoroughly pre-approved prior to touring will give you an advantage and may even stave off a heartbreak.


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