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Finding an appraiser in Chicago

I'm getting ready to sell my house and want to have a licensed appraiser to do a formal appraisal so I can price my house accordingly.  I've gotten some informal CMAs from realtors but their estimates are all over the place.  Looked online but there don't seem to be very  many appraisal companies promoting their services.  Anyone know how to get an appraisal done without having to refi your  mortgage?  Thanks.

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Re: Finding an appraiser in Chicago

I've got a couple appraisers listed on my website you can call. Both are nice guys who do a lot of appraisal work for individuals. 

PF Appraissals 773-665-2064, if you are north

Chris Dinan 708-351-7320, if you are south

Both will go anywhere in the Chicagoland area. Since I know both of them I tend to refer them based on geography.

Beyond the appraissal I would also suggest you look at some open houses in your area. This will allow you to view the competition and see house details. Seeing the actual insides of other houses for sale can help you:

- tweak your pricing

- provide creative ideas to improve your appeal

- let you know some of the improvements you may need to make to be competitive

- help with understanding what various price points are based on; why is house X listed at $10K more than the others around me? Oh, its because that's the house with the nice extra bathroom in the basement, or nice sanded floors instead of crappy carpet, or new versus old appliances etc.

- provide you with good information to be able to negotiate better

Hope that helps, good luck.

Oh, and as your agent has probably told you already; GET RID OF ALMOST EVERYTHING! Clean out rooms, closets, the basement, get rid of all the clutter and junk to open up the spaces.

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