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Delisted (Temporarily No Showings) but offer placed

Hi Redfin community!  So this home I'm looking at just listed "Delisted (Temporarily No Showings)"  I've searched the forum and saw answers on delisted, no showings, etc.  This has the added no showings to it.  It is a short sale and has been on the market for apx 3 months. I placed an offer on it last week and we havent heard back from them yet.  fyi seller and thier agent seem to be hard to deal with. Is this a tactic or game they are playing?  I'm a first time home buyer and it's a little stressful.  Any insight would help.  Thanks.

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Re: Delisted (Temporarily No Showings) but offer placed

Yeah something is GOING ON.. An area of the NW Burbs I check frequently all of a sudden has very little info available on past history.

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Re: Delisted (Temporarily No Showings) but offer placed



Its quite possible the sellers simply don't want the foot traffic around the Holidays. In most cases the current owners are facing some sort of hardship and the added hassle of coordinating showings may be weighing on them or perhaps their circumstances have greatly improved and a short sale is no longer required. There simply is not enough information to know. You could ask your agent to contact the listing agent and inquire.


The waiting game that comes with short sales can be very difficult to endure. Share you concerns with your agent and perhaps you can modify your buying strategy to ease some of the tension.


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