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Dear Redfin, Why are you afraid of the gays?

Any Chicagoan who knows what a gay is also knows there is a neighborhood called Boystown. But Redfin euphemizes the neighborhood as "North Halsted". Why? That's certainly a street and a business group's name, but no resident regularly refers to that neighborhood as "North Halsted". 


Your map doesn't align with Google Maps' neighborhood boundaries, so you've done some labeling yourselves. Google's labels are pretty accurate, actually, including for Buena Park (omitted in your map). 


Your Boytown-turns-into-mythical-North-Halsted-euphemism is doubly strange because on your map "Lakeview" begins on Clark Street, which corresponds quite well to the geography when the crowd turns straight and Wrigleyville solidifies. (Wrigleyville exists a bit to the east as well, for straights who don't want to say they are in Boystown or gays who are in the closet for that conversation.)


So, why, may I ask, does Redfin so fear acknowledging what any buyer who walks past rainbow flags, uses Google Maps, or meets their to-be same sex couple neighbors will see anyway?




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Re: Dear Redfin, Why are you afraid of the gays?

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Locked due to controversial discussion of sexuality, which is a violation of the forum guidelines.


5. Illegal or offensive posts: no posts that contain illegal, inflammatory, libelous, obscene or pornographic material.By law, we cannot tolerate any statements about the race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability level of potential buyers, roommates or neighbors.


7. Controverisal discussion: Please attempt to avoid discussing controversial topics such as politics, race, religion, and sexuality whenever possible.  Community members have strong opinions on these topics, and discussions will often devolve into flame wars. We reserve the right to edit or remove any excessive or unnecessary controversial discussion not directly related to real estate.


Please note that your feedback hasn't gone unheard and has been received by Redfin, as noted in Marks reply.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Dear Redfin, Why are you afraid of the gays?

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Hi secondcitybuyer,


I ran a 'Boystown' search on and it appears you are correct that the map is innaccurate. The result shows the neighborhood bordered by Irving Park, Clark, Barry and LSD and it should be, as you noted, shown similarly to Google's view.  The request has been made to make that correction and also to eliminate "North Halsted" from the description.  


Thanks for the heads-up about both Boystown and Buena Park.  We appreciate everyone's feedback, as that's what helps to make our site more accurate.

Mark Reitman | Redfin Regional Director - Central US