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Real Estate Attorney

I just got on redfin so I don't know how much they do yet. I would like to use redfin but:
- Do I have to call up the property listing agents in order to get a viewing? Will they accept to meet with someone that doesn't have an agent or does Redfin provide that?
- Do I have to take a real estate attorney or does redfin have one? How much would an attorney cost me?
Thank you for you help,
Redfin Staff
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Re: Real Estate Attorney

Hi Joyce,
Welcome to Redfin!

There are a few of options for viewing homes:

1) on our website (, next to the property you are interested in there is a link to request a home tour. This will alert one of our field agents that you are interested in making an appointment. They will call you ASAP to set up a mutually convenient date and time. Our home tours are set up in 2hour blocks. You can usually see 4-5 homes in this time frame(depending on the location).
Generally, your 1st two 2hour home tours are free and each additional tour is $250 and is taken out of the 2/3rds refund if and when you close on a property using us.
Through the end of July we are doing unlimited free home tours!!

2) Openhouses are a great way to look at property at your leisure without anyone bothering you. A few months back we added the openhouse feature to our site. Usually listing agents will start to post their openhouse times for the upcoming weekend on MLS(where we pull this data from) on Wednesday and all advertised openhouses should be up on the site by Friday afternoon.
Please remember to sign in on the listing broker's sign in sheet at the openhouse as a Redfin Client. If they ask you if you have a buyers agent tell them yes I will be using Redfin.
This does not obligate you to use us and in fact we will most likely never know, however, if you do decide to put an offer in through us the listing agent will be clear about representation and will not feel deceived.

3) If you would like to call the listagent directly and request a tour, you should feel free to do so, however, we do ask that you are completely upfront and open with them about using Redfin(transparency is what we are all about). If there are any issues then please call us right away and we will see to it that you get in to view the property ASAP accompanied by one of our agents.

Real Estate Attorneys:
During any and all Real Estate transactions in Massachusetts it is always
highly recommended that you have a Real Estate attorney in your corner. While Redfin does not provide one for you we can certainly recommend a few that we work with on a regular basis.
Attorney's fees will differ depending on which aspects of the transaction you have them involved with and which attorney you use. One of our attorneys will charge a certain amount to review and amend the Purchase & Sales agreement and come to closing and review all of the documentation $650-$750 if he represents the bank then he charges $600-$750. If you have him represent both then the total is $900-$1000.
If you are selling you home then he charges $700-$900
This is just an example and each attorney is different so make sure to ask them up front.

Sean Valiton
Boston Direct agent 857-207-0701
Please don't hesitate to give me a call if I can answer any questions.
Thanks for choosing Redfin!!!
Sean Valiton | Redfin Marketplaces Manager
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Re: Real Estate Attorney

You mentioned you are offering unlimited tours in July. Does this mean that July home tours do not count against your allowance of two free home tours? Or if you take two tours in July have you just used up that allowance?
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Re: Real Estate Attorney

Free tours means just that with very little limitation. You can tour with us up to twice a week during this month and none of it counts against your balance. We have found that clients who tour with us, stay with us and as summer is the busy time for real estate, we didn't want people saving their tours and not seeing the houses they want. Because of the volume of people looking to tour with us we do ask for your patience and as much advanced notice as possible. Weekends get filled up quick, but if you have to, must, can't go another minute without seeing a home, let us know, we will do what we can do to get you into the property. So please come tour with us and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Alex Coon
Market Manager
(617) 877-2255
Alex Coon | Redfin Boston Market Manager
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Re: Real Estate Attorney

I'm new to Redfin, so I want to ask about going to see properties outside open house hours:  Can Redfin agents help make the appointment for me to see the properties without actually accompanying me on the tour?   Is this even possible since I notice that listing (seller's) agents are often absent and the houses maybe on a lockbox.


Unfortunately, not every property has good listing info and pics to help us eliminate the need to physically visit them.  So, I'm wondering if I can visit properties on my own until I can narrow down to the 1-2 properties that I feel I want to seriously consider and re-visit these with a Redfin agent.  This way, I don't waste my 2-hr time slots on properties that have no potential.  Another reason may be there are only 1-2 houses on the market that interests me and I hate to wait another few weeks for more new listings before seeing them at once on a 2-hr tour with an agent.

Redfin Market Manager
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Re: Real Estate Attorney


Outside of open houses there is no real way for us to arrange for you to go and see the homes on your own and still be able to represent you as your buyers agent.  We offer unlimited, no commitment touring so there is no need to save your 2 hour time slots as you can use as many as you like, even if you have a long time frame.  Our company model is set up to help accommodate people just like you and as you noted not every listing has adequate pictures (we have a cool iphone app that allows you to create and add your own (shameless plug)) so we understand.  Therefore feel free to use our service to arrange for tours and ask our field agents to help you identify other things you might be interested in seeing.  Other than that keep an eye out for open houses and feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any further questions, comments or concerns.  




Alex Coon | Redfin Boston Market Manager
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Re: Real Estate Attorney

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Re: Real Estate Attorney

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Yes you have to call up the property listing agent for viewing.

Attorney will cost you at $550/- per month.

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Re: Real Estate Attorney

Hey there,


If you are mortgaging your new home, there will be at least one attorney present at closing (required to close the loan for the lender). It often, therefore, makes sense for new buyers to choose their own attorney early in the process, and then introduce that attorney to the agents AND the lender so that that one person can perform all of those duties on your behalf.


Most real estate attorneys will quote you a FLAT FEE for purchase services for both representing you and performing the lender's duties at closing, with additional costs for additional services.


The attorney list on Redfin is a great place to start - I can personally say that as a lender (I'm NOT an employee of redfin!), the list is very well vetted, and they compete with each other, so the costs are among the lowest in the industry. Additionally, they are all very familiar with the Redfin model, which makes for very smooth application of your redfin credit, contracting, etc.


There are, of course, many attorneys that are equally good that are not on this list, but it is a VERY good place to start.


As stated above, if a redfin agent is not involved in your viewing of the property, you wont be able to have them represent you - many home sellers do not like the idea of un-accompanied viewings of the home (you probably wouldnt, either, if you were selling your personal space). It is worth having them arrange it for you, if you care to go inside.


You can limit your scheduling by doing drivebys of the homes AND NEIGHBORHOODS - once by day, once by warm summer night - on order to get a good sense of the shell of the home and its location. Then, go see inside to make sure it is what you want.


Additionally, because I would be failing you not to say it, talk to a lender early in the process to see how financing might work on a few potential homes - even if you havent seen them yet. This might further help you limit your touring by exacting what you want and can afford according to your own budgetary terms.


Redfin lender list is good, too. Unrestricted reviewing tends to weed out the lesser lenders very quickly - not something you want to do on your own by experience!

Kelcey Morange, NMLS 85965
MA Lic. #MLO85965.
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Re: Real Estate Attorney

Openhouses are a great way to look at property at your leisure without anyone bothering you. A few months back we added the openhouse feature to our site.