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Condo Questionnaire

Anyone know whose responsibility it is to have the condo questionnaire filled out? Is it the buyer or seller that must get that completed.


I am selling my condo FSBO and the buyers' agent is asking me for the condo questionnaire. I thought it was the buyers' side the was responsible for doing this part of the due diligence.


Any advice would be appreciated!

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Re: Condo Questionnaire

i'm in california, and it was up to us to get the condo questionaire filled out - well, us and the underwriter.  but in our case, the underwriter put it off so long that it cost us the condo.  you may not be responsible for getting the questionaire dealt with, but as the actual owner, you may be able to speed things up, and that means a quicker close.

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Re: Condo Questionnaire

Seller needs to get it filled out for you. It has to be signed by a condo trustee. Generally your bank would forward you a copy of the condo questionnarie and you would send it to the listing agent to get completed by a condo trustee and then you would send the completed questionnaire to your bank. If the sale is going to happen you and seller need to both see that this is done.

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Re: Condo Questionnaire

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Well in your case seller or agent (if you have any) will fill it.