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Any closings happening in MA right now after FEMA declared disaster?

My closing was scheduled on October 31st and has been postponed by the bank because my county (middlesex) has been delcared a disaster zone by FEMA. I drove to the house and there was one twig on the ground. Apparently the lenders are now required to do an external appriasal which has delayed all scheduled closings closing. The bank cant give me a date. The sellers are getting ansy since they are paying for two mortgages. 


Any one else out there dealing with the same thing?

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Re: Any closings happening in MA right now after FEMA declared disaster?

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Unfortunately, you are definitely not alone. Every lender is having to do this to some extent - some more than others, county by county.


Most Massachusetts lenders should be caught up or nearly there. New York / New Jersey/Connecticut based lenders (no matter where the property is - where are the folks that are working on the loan?) will be behind still.


Every single property in many states is being reinspected. Decreasing daylight hours and already taxed appraisers (low refinance rates) are making it a more daunting job - the appraisers were behind even before the storm. In harder hit areas, many of the appraisers themselves are without power still (though in Massachusetts this is not likely the case).


It is EXTREMELY frustrating. But, it is the reality of natural disasters and lending, and it isnt unprecedented - we did the same thing during the tornado, during the early snow last year, and the floods of a few years ago.


Provided your lender is fully back to work (has power, has staff that are able to get to work), you should be seeing resolution very soon - and a date as well.


Make sure that your INSURANCE company is not requiring something similar. Many of  my buyers have actually struggled more with insurance than with the loans in most Massachusetts counties.


Hope you get back on track soon!

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