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Where to shop for a Loan Agent?

I just went to a Redfin seminar and it was pretty well done.


Part of the seminar was to tell us how important it is to have a good loan agent with two BofA agents in front of us.


I wanted to ask what people are using to get their best rate from a "good" agent.


Are people using bankrate or lendingtree or are their other tools to find the best rate?

( I felt it was rude to ask this during the seminar )


I use the not-so-big banks for savings account to get the best rate, same applies to home loans?



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Re: Where to shop for a Loan Agent?

I have success with Lending Tree in the past, especially if you go to LendingTree via United Milage Plus website, you can get miles. 

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Re: Where to shop for a Loan Agent?

Talk to 3 lenders and compare. Everyone is selling the loans to Fannie/Freddie and has access to the same programs and rates. The rates change daiky and sometimes more than once a day You want the lender that's going to get you closed. That's most important as you can negotiate the other stuff.