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San Francisco "New Development" Transfer tax

In San Francisco, I was told that for new developments the transfer tax is split 50/50 instead of the seller paying all of it. Has anyone else heard something similar or seen any official documentations stating that this is the case? Does it count as a "new development" if the developer built it 3 years ago and has been renting it out since, though I'd technically be the first purchaser for the property?


The only link I've found pertaining to this issue is which states that the seller pays the tax. 


Thank you for your help!

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Re: San Francisco "New Development" Transfer tax

This was Google's top result.  It seems to match what most of the other top results say:


Probate makes sense, the new contruction nonsense is just a real estate developer purchasing a politician and screwing you in the process.

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Re: San Francisco "New Development" Transfer tax



When I read your post - sans reading glasses - and skimmed across the url you provided, my eyes interpreted the run-together words as "condom market" and I was set back a bit thinking to myself, "Only in San Francisco".


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