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Got a postcard *advertising* pocket listings

Just in case it wasn't hard enough to find a house, now they're trying to make it harder.


I got a postcard from Larry Miller at Coldwell Banker, advertising the sale of a $1.5 million dollar Los Gatos home. Why print and mail postcards for a home that sold? So they can specifically advertised that they sold it off market.


"The sellers wanted to sell their home with a minimum impact on their lifestyle. I was able to get the word out without putting the home on the MLS, so there was no sign in the yard, no Open Houses, and no lookie-loos."


"The end result was all cash offer [sic], well over the price we had listed for. In today's market buyers are often willing to pay a premium not to have to compete for the home of their dreams."  (Note: what? Wouldn't competition bring in that "premium" price anyway? If not more?)


"If you'd like to consider selling your home in this exclusive manner..." and insert call to action here.