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Freeway noise around sundrop circle

Hello -

We are interested in the new community called Sundrop Circle at Milpitas. This is at the intersection of 680 and calaveras. We are concerned about the freeway noise around the community due to the adjacent freeway. Although inside the house we have dual paned windows, I am not sure of how effective they would be, given the proximity to 680.


Can somebody who has seen or knows about the area please comment.



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Re: Freeway noise around sundrop circle

I'm not familiar with the specific location, but here are a few factors to consider:


First, everyone has different tolerances to noise.  What I might find annoying, might just be a background hum to you.  Think about your expected lifestyle; would you want to have windows open on summer evenings, or would you use A/C?  Would you be having outdoor activities on patio or deck?  Would the place you are interested in face the roads? 


Double pane windows do a pretty good job in cutting down noise, but there are even better windows available, as well as other noise reduction methods for walls and ceilings.  You might see if these would be options available to you, or even included in the construction.


Spend some time sitting outside in the area one evening, though of course that won't reflect the effects of walls and windows.


If you live with it, you will likely become accustomed to the background noise, though visitors will definitely notice it.

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Re: Freeway noise around sundrop circle

 I agree with my friend above.


   I moved into a rental 2-3 years ago next to the airport. I had to get accustomed to the noise until I didn't notice it anymore. The house we are paying for now, has dual pane windows and you can tell it cuts the noise not big time but in a way that you sleep in peace.

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Re: Freeway noise around sundrop circle

When you actually own and live in it, you just cannot complain about anything anymore. What are you going to do, sell the house you just brought it?


The real trouble could be when you decide to sell the house years later.


What you concern now will be the same concern of your future buyers: if you worry about something, you bet your buyers will do the same and that will turn a few of them off.


So you need to ask yourself if the current list price already includes the discount being closed to a freeway and noisy, and as thus you will be able to offer the same discount when you sell the house.