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Roof and Insurance question

I am looking to buy a home that was a foreclosure then purchased by an investor and put back on the market. According to the disclosure the roof is 15 years old. I checked it out and it is in good condition. The question I have is with a single family home, do I have to show the disclosure to the insurance company? They don't like to insure roofs over 5 years old. Thanks!

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Re: Roof and Insurance question

I don't know much about insurance, but how can an insurance company only insure roofs 5 years old or newer? They can't possibly expect you to get a new roof every 5 years in order to stay insured by them. I would say that you either need to ask more questions of this insurance company, or find a different insurance company.

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Re: Roof and Insurance question

I have never heard of an insurance company asking for a sellers' disclosure.  As a good practice to follow always - shop multiple insurance companies to go with the best fit and price for you.

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Re: Roof and Insurance question

If that is the case you can opt for home warranty services.